Exponent Software

Exponent Software

Developers of MediaGun, the professional presentation program

The Company

Exponent Software, based in Geneva, Switzerland, was founded in 2000 to develop and promote original software tools linked to the professional communication market.

Our philosophy, "technology made friendly" is present at every decision we make. Because, as we all know, technology is NOT friendly by nature, Exponent sees it as a genuine added value to MAKE IT FRIENDLY to the public.

This concern is found throughout MediaGun, where every detail is geared to give the user maximum efficiency, safety, and pleasure.

Daniel Gerchman

Since 1983, Daniel has been involved in more than 3000 projects of all sizes for multinationals, international organisations and NGOs as well as smaller, local companies. Passionately involved with multimedia since the very early days, he developed a keen interest in the "human interface" while participating in and designing many projects like educational CD-ROMs, interactive games, musical projects, etc. Today, this know-how is expressed in MediaGun's interface.

As part of his daily routine, he has also been handling numerous file formats and codecs over a number of years. This is the environment where the initial idea of MediaGun originated.

John Messersmith

After graduating the University of Chicago with a degree in Physics, John moved to Europe where he worked at DESY in Hamburg for a year and then CERN in Geneva for 10 years. He developed a keen understanding of scientific research and advanced development while working on hundreds of projects at the highest level and among some of the brightest minds. With a passion for graphics, music and human interfaces John became a highly disciplined software engineer focused on scientific visualization and Graphical User Interfaces.

The People

Exponent Software is made of individuals with a long experience in the business of audio-video/multimedia player and software programming.

The two founding associates, Daniel Gerchman and John Messersmith, first met in a project commissioned for the Seville World Exhibition in 1992 -it is still running today- which involved CERN and DEC (Digital Equipment Corporation). While Daniel's audio-visual/multimedia facility - StudioVox - was in charge of the sound design/music illustration/multilingual voiceover, John developed the interactive software which held it all together.