MediaGun, the professional multimedia player

Your multimedia files in one media player without conversion

MediaGun is much more than a slideshow creator. It’s a professional media player useful in any situation where the instant integration, playback and distribution of various formats of files is required. Thanks to MediaGun, you don't need a file format converter anymore, as it simply plays about 50 file formats as they are!

This empowering multimedia presentation program helps you create a seamless playlist in a few seconds. Luckily, as it is not a media creation tool, you don’t have to change your production methods. Just keep using PowerPoint™, Word™, Photoshop™, Flash™, Acrobat™ and Premiere™, etc. to generate content.

But when it comes to putting it all together in a few seconds, you need MediaGun. You need it to assemble up to 50 media types and formats into a ‘Master List’, ready to be played seamlessly, full screen, on a single window. (see list of supported file formats)

It will not take you more than a minute to create a Master List containing:

  • A couple of PowerPoint slideshows
  • Some Flash animations
  • A few PDF documents
  • A DVD menu with all options
  • Any QuickTime-related content
  • Some video clips from YouTube
  • Practically all audio and image formats
  • Windows Media/QuickTime/Blu-Ray HD video
  • Any external program (.exe)

To see how easy and fast it really is, watch a 5-minute video.

How come it’s so fast?

  • No prior file conversion is required. MediaGun plays everything “as is”
  • Single production window. No going back and forth between windows and menus
  • Direct access to all files in a folder in one single step, for preview and insertion into a Master List
  • Chronology of events set by drag and drop
  • User follows same procedure whatever the file format or extension
  • No media embedding. This results in improved playback performance and makes it much easier to manage documents’ updates. And don’t worry about any media being ‘left behind’: MediaGun does it for you!

Applications: What is MediaGun used for?
  • Corporate Communication (internal & external)
  • Events and Exhibitions
  • Trainings, Seminars
  • Press Portfolios
  • Product & Service launch
  • Point of Sale, Point of Information

What makes it unique as multimedia player and business presentation tool

Unlike its current competitors, MediaGun is not limited to supporting video, image and sound: it also excels in professional formats essential in business communication like those in the Microsoft Office suite and PDF.

MediaGun's key advantages are the ease of use and speed at which it operates. This empowers you to tailor-make your presentation to the current circumstance up until the last minute.

Portability - Master Lists and Portfolios

Once created, your presentation - a MediaGun ‘Master List’ - may be saved for future use, and can be retrieved by double-clicking its name at any time. Double-clicking its name loads it instantly, after checking that every element is available, and reporting to you in case of any missing element. Your Master List can also be packaged with all the media files as a standalone object, ready for distribution. This is what we call a Portfolio. Generating a Portfolio by MediaGun is entirely automatic. A Portfolio can be read WHETHER MEDIAGUN IS PRESENT OR NOT on any Windows platform as of Windows XP. (Although we do not formally support previous Operating Systems, chances are it would still play on older OSs).

A Portfolio can be navigated manually by the user or can play automatically in solo mode. The latter is of course destined to fairs, POS, museums, company lobbies, etc.

Benefits of MediaGun - Why MediaGun, the professional multimedia player?

Compelling business presentations to share

By using MediaGun, you can assemble up to 50 different file formats into playlists in a few seconds. (Complete list of supported formats.)

You then play them full screen in manual or automatic mode. In three clicks, you can export them and share them with any Windows-based PC.

MediaGun is not required on the target machine!

Why we call it a professional multimedia player?

Beside all main multimedia formats, MediaGun plays formats essential in companies like PDF and PowerPoint. Its user interface was built with your efficiency, safety and performance as a constant concern. Its robust, foolproof programming ensures that you are never let down in the midst of your presentation.

It bends over backwards so that the show can go on

In today’s jungle of formats and codecs, it’s quite easy to be caught by surprise, unable to play the file that is needed. At best, you are directed to a web site, where complex and generally unusable information is given. We, at Exponent Software, live by our company motto “technology made friendly”. That’s why, when that frustrating situation occurs, MediaGun gives you the direct link to the missing resource download.

It shines at events, fairs and exhibitions

MediaGun can package and export your presentation so that it plays in an automatic, looping mode. Its flexibility enables you to change the content up to the last minute.

  1.     1. Simplicity

    User-friendly and compact, MediaGun can be mastered in no time, even by a non expert. Our tutorial video makes it even easier.
    YOUR ADVANTAGE: The time saved by focusing only on the essential: the quality of your message.

  2.     2. Flexibility

    MediaGun supports such a variety of formats that you don’t need to convert your assets before you can play them, which is time consuming and can result in quality loss. Or, worse still, neither do you need to change playback program depending on the format of the asset, which disrupts the flow of communication and also casts an unprofessional impression on the audience.
    YOUR ADVANTAGE: Less hassle for you, more impact on the end viewer through seamless multiformat playback.

  3.     3. Efficiency

    Updating a MediaGun Master List is so fast and easy that you can tailor-make your message till the last minute. Any changes you make produce instantaneous effects. Because the integration of your files is so fast, you can allocate more time to improving their intrinsic quality and relevance.
    YOUR ADVANTAGE: You distinguish yourself from the competition through a targeted message at all times.

  4.     4. Economy

    MediaGun enables you to integrate your multiformat assets yourself, instantly, even if you are not a multimedia specialist.
    YOUR ADVANTAGE: You save the time and money you would otherwise have spent on hiring a multimedia bureau.

  5.     5. Serenity

    If there is a problem (for example a missing file, or a broken link) MediaGun informs you long before show time. If you don’t see any warnings, you know everything’s OK.
    YOUR ADVANTAGE: Reduced stress by knowing that your message will be delivered in its integrity.

MediaGun is no rival to PowerPoint, which is the de facto presentation program standard. Period.

However, MediaGun takes you a few steps further:

  • MediaGun supports crucial file formats such as PDF, Flash, DVDs with menus and full interactivity. No need to convert files or use another player. Everything is played from MediaGun's single window
  • MediaGun is optimised for performance in video and multimedia playback. No more waiting for that video to start playing!
  • As MediaGun does not import assets into the presentation, it grants speed and responsiveness while avoiding computer freezes.
  • MediaGun gives you access to an entire folder of media assets in one go. This incomparably speeds up the assembling of a presentation!
  • If there is a problem (for example a missing file, or a broken link) MediaGun informs you long before show time. If you don't see any warnings, you know everything's OK
  • MediaGun includes in its installer all necessary codecs and system resources that enable playback of all supported file formats. PowerPoint is not as keen to help…

Powerpoint codec

In any event when a file cannot be played because of a missing codec, whether in MediaGun or in a MediaGun Portfolio, we provide the direct link to the missing resource download. This is how MediaGun comes to the rescue: by complementing PowerPoint on those issues where PowerPoint shows its limitations.

Disaster prevention!

So much can go wrong in a presentation! Missing files, missing system resources, broken links...

We are actually aware of this, and designed MediaGun from the start with the constant concern to reduce these risks to a minimum.
For example:

  • Orphaned shortcuts are detected and reported at the very beginning of each session, so you don’t discover that the actual file is missing at the same time as your audience!
  • Every time you load a previously saved Master List, MediaGun checks that all media files it contains are ACTUALLY THERE and warns you if anything is missing. It even prevents you from starting the presentation unless you clear the situation.
  • Some third-party resources and audio-video codecs are now an optional part of the MediaGun installation. But in case one is missing or not properly installed, MediaGun connects you with the appropriate web site, where that resource can be downloaded and installed. This is provided to both a MediaGun user and the user of a MediaGun Portfolio. Not many programs are as keen to help!