User of MediaGun, Multimedia Player



Our reception staff have mastered your software application with astounding ease. We are fully satisfied with the stability of MediaGun, given that it has been operating faultlessly since the beginning on an average of 10 hours a day, 5 days a week.

Olivier Treccani, Manager, Audiovisual dept.


MediaGun enables us to prepare presentations in an extremely easy fashion, with outstanding results.

C.Piguet, Worldwide service

Japan Tobacco Int.

MediaGun is a fantastic tool. I have been using MediaGun for many years now, mainly in the context of worldwide conferences. Moving from one presentation to the next, from one speaker to the next has become child’s play, saving me a good deal of time and inconvenience.


The MediaGun application worked perfectly and was the perfect tool for this congress, as it will be for future ones.

P.Taillard, Worldwide Events Manager


I wanted to let you know how pleased my colleagues and I have been with the MediaGun software." "Just as important has been the ease with which we can change and customise our presentation materials.

TPCM info+graphics

As creators of both still and animated pictures of various types, we are often challenged by very tough deadlines, during which a final presentation has to be put together. Moreover, the documents we receive from our clients tend to come from very diverse editing software, resulting in formats often incompatible with each other – and ours. MediaGun enables us to integrate them into presentations extremely fast and with maximum comfort. Thus the end-product, generated by MediaGun, is delivered to our clients on CDs, USB sticks or DVD-ROM. It plays the entire range of files ensuring a seamless and effortless playback of our productions.

Rashid Mili, Owner, TPCM


As exhibition booths and displays designers working on an international scale, we are forever pushed by time. Particularly, multimedia content tends to arrive at the last minute. What a relief MediaGun has brought to our daily routine!

Alain Métral, CEO, TactilMedia, Geneva

Hermès Communication

MediaGun is a fantastic tool. It’s really extraordinary to be able to manage such a quantity of text, pictures, soundtracks, PowerPoint presentations and videos in such a simple manner.

Pathé Cinema

We fully trust this software program, a very handy tool to playback PowerPoint slideshows and movie trailers.

Air Watch Center

We use MediaGun to animate our shop windows at Geneva airport. It has worked faultlessly 7/7 and 24/24 for the past 7 years. The only interruptions have been to change the media, to upgrade the PC and to dust the equipment!

Metropolitan Touring

Keeping staff informed about our activities inside and outside our company is part of our corporative philosophy. MediaGun has become our greatest ally to achieve our communication objectives, it is truly outstanding!!!