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MediaGun Resident: USD 99.00, CHF 89.00, € 79.00
MediaGun Export: USD 169.00, CHF 159.00, € 139.00
MediaGun Upgrade (Resident to Export):
USD 90.00, CHF 84.00, € 74.00

Fully operational, the trial version can be transformed into a permanent license. The nag window will then be removed! Purchasing can be done at any time from the MediaGun opening window during the trial period, or by clicking the button "Buy Now" above.

MediaGun 1.9 ships in two distinct products:

MediaGun Resident, which does everything except the creation of Portfolios. This is the right solution when every presentation is given on the computer where it was created.

MediaGun Export, which enables the creation of Portfolios. This is the right solution when a presentation must be shared with other people, or made to run automatically in automatic mode.

A Portfolio is a MediaGun Master List which is exported ready to be played on any computer (currently only under Windows), even in the absence of MediaGun, which makes MediaGun Export extremely cost-effective.
It is possible to upgrade from MediaGun Resident to MediaGun Export, however this will be slightly pricier than purchasing MediaGun Export in the first place. Upgrading is only possible with a Standalone license.

Like in previous versions, MediaGun is available in two distinct activation modes: Standalone (i.e. «single user») or Client-Server.