History of versions

MediaGun 1.8

What’s new in MediaGun 1.8?
  • Supporting resources and codecs are now part of the MediaGun Installer so that you are never left in the cold, unable to play a file without conversion
  • Support of Flash swf and flv formats, Yes! You can now use content downloaded from YouTube or the Flash animation from your homepage directly in your presentation!
  • Support of any version of PowerPoint from Office 2003 onwards
  • Full access to DVD Menus and Interactivity
  • Automatic, direct connection to any missing codec and resource download page
  • A set of MS Word™ .doc templates for a perfect page to screen match in PDF format.
  • Optimised performance of Windows Media and QuickTime HD video
  • Support of Blu-Ray video streams (m2ts)
  • Support of divx, xvid and dv video, as well as the aac/m4a and Dolby’s™ AC3 audio codecs

MediaGun 1.7

New Features

MediaGun is now available for online purchasing. This is done through our partner eSellerate®, an industry-leading software commerce provider.

A 14-day free evaluation version is available. It can be downloaded here. A permanent license can be purchased and activated at any time, during or after the evaluation period. This is done either through MediaGun’s splash screen or here. In both cases, an Internet connection is required.

MediaGun is now sold in two separate solutions, identical in features but aimed at different deployment environments. Both offer valuable advantages to the end-user:

  • MediaGun Single User
  • MediaGun Client-Server

A MediaGun Single-User license must be activated individually on each machine where MediaGun will be used. MediaGun will then be protected by a software key, which will be delivered by Exponent Software once the purchase has been validated. This key is transferable to another PC at any time.

This procedure is fully automatic. However, please note that an Internet connection is required to perform it, and that a delay of up to 30 minutes is necessary between deactivation on machine A and activation on machine B.

A MediaGun Client-Server. license is advantageous over a network.

It is less demanding in terms of workload by the system administrator, as MediaGun must only be activated once on the server machine – instead as on each individual PC.

It is also cost effective as it manages concurrent licenses. For example, MediaGun could be installed on 50 PCs, while only 25 licenses had been purchased. However, no more than 25 instances of the application could be running it at any given time.

MediaGun 1.6

New Features

MediaGun is now available for online purchasing. This is done through our partner eSellerate®, an industry-leading software commerce provider.

To play PowerPoint (*.ppt and *.pps) files, MediaGun now gives priority to PowerPoint 2003, if present in the system. Of course this is done without actually opening the PowerPoint application, so it’s totally seamless. This enables you to include all the new effects and transitions offered by PowerPoint 2003. If PowerPoint 2003 is not found, MediaGun looks for the PowerPoint Viewer 97/2000, which is found on the MediaGun CD at: http://www.exponentsoftware.com/downloads1/PPointV.zip.

Also new in 1.6, the possibility to have a Solo Portfolio automatically play once and automatically exit.

MediaGun 1.5

New Features

MediaGun now supports *.pdf and DivX files (with the .avi extension).

Compatibility with target PC: with MediaGun 1.6, you now can run a Portfolio on any PC, thanks to the new Portfolio Support Dialog Window. This enables you add what is necessary to play the Portfolio on the target PC.

This dialog offers the choice between:

  • A: Include installer (System)
  • B: Include resources (Local)

A: Include installer (System) (9MB) - This is a Windows setup program - the PortFolio Support “PFSsetup.exe” which installs in the target PC all the system components (at the operating system and Portfolio specific level) needed to run a Portfolio. Choose this option if you are confident the receiver has the ability and privileges needed to run a Windows installation, has never installed this before, and doesn't have MediaGun installed.

B: Include resources (Local) (8 MB) - This option copies all the necessary Portfolio (not system) components needed to run a Portfolio into the Portfolio folder itself. Choose this option if you know the target machine has the Visual Basic runtime components installed (Windows XP has these by default) and for whatever reason you believe the receiver can't run the Support Setup (see option A - the preferred method).

Both A & B (17 MB) - Choose to include both of the above if you aren't sure whether or not the receiver satisfies any or all of the above requirements and want to make sure they can run the Portfolio no matter what the case.

Neither A or B (0 MB) - Choose this option if you are sure the target machine has the PortFolio Support or MediaGun already installed.

MediaGun 1.4.7

New Features

Updated user interface with more coherent button response

Update licensing scheme to provide unlocking during the trial period

MediaGun now includes *.wmv (Windows Media Video), *.wma (Windows Media Audio), *.tga (targa image file) and *.mp4 video.

*.swf files (Flash) can now be linked to a Music Track.

MediaGun now accepts wide-screen resolutions on screens with a resolution of 852-480 pixels (and larger).


Fixed incorrect resizing of full-screen QuickTime videos.

Starting a MediaGun session by scanning a Resource Folder different from the one "remembered" since the previous session sometimes aborted, or produced an error message. Fixed.

On the Stage, a Music Track would resume from the top if a Powerpoint slide show was launched from the popup menu of the Control Bar. Fixed.

Clicking on a hyperlink in a Powerpoint presentation played from MediaGun did not execute the expected action. Fixed.

Fixed alternating Quicktime and mpeg movies sometimes resulting in a crash.

MediaGun 1.4.6

New Features

MediaGun now supports three user selectable languages: English, French and German.

MediaGun now enables you to automatically embellish your text files (*.txt) with a choice of 30 patterned or plain backdrops, ink colors, as well as font styles and sizes.

MediaGun now enables you edit your text files directly for last minute changes.

Note: Sometimes the text editing program fails to open in front of MediaGun. This issue will be addressed in the next release of MediaGun.

To work around this, hold down the ALT key on your keyboard and then press the TAB key successively until the correct text editing program icon is highlighted and then release the ALT key. This will make the text editing program the active application.


Fixed problem where MediaGun did not copy similarly named files during the creation of Portfolios.

Fixed (Automation) error that occurred unpredictably during the scanning of a Resource Folder or file playback on Windows NT and Windows 2000 systems.

MediaGun 1.4.5


Fixed problem where MediaGun did not find shortcuts in a Resource Folder when the setting “File extensions for known file types” was selected in Windows Explorer

Fixed problem where MediaGun could freeze while trying to scan a Resource Folder on CD-ROM device that had no media in it.

Fixed problem that caused certain Portfolio events to not play if the Portfolio was moved from its original location.

MediaGun 1.4

New Features

MediaGun now supports several additional file types: .vob; .mpe; .m1v; .m2v; .mpa; .swf.

MediaGun now enables a music track to be linked to still images, text or PowerPoint presentations

MediaGun now enables a "one click" access and playback of any event in a list by a popup menu. This feature is currently available on all Windows platforms except on Windows NT.

Error message handling of file types not understood by MediaGun due to the lack of certain supporting system resources has been improved.


Errors due to inconsistent ActiveX components installed on certain systems have been resolved.

MediaGun 1.3

New Features

MediaGun and MediaGun Portfolios now support Windows 2000.

MediaGun now generates standalone runtime Standard (interactive) and Solo (self-running) Portfolios

MediaGun now has a Marketing Window that allows users to choose and manipulate the logo and contact information images. These images then appear on the Stage in MediaGun and in any generated Portfolios.