Fifty file formats in one media player without conversion!
MediaGun is much more than a slideshow creator. It’s a professional media player useful in any situation where the instant integration, playback and distribution of various formats of files in a seamless playlist is required. See complete list of supported formats here.


Thanks to MediaGun, you don't need a file format converter anymore, as it simply plays about 50 file formats as they are!

This empowering multimedia presentation program helps you to create a seamless playlist in a few seconds. As it is not a media creation tool, you don’t have to change your production methods. Just keep using PowerPoint™, Word™, Photoshop™, Flash™, Acrobat™ and Premiere™, etc. to generate content.

But when it comes to putting it all together in a few seconds, you need MediaGun. You need it to assemble up to 50 media types and formats into a playlist, ready to be played seamlessly, full screen, on a single window.




No prior file conversion is required.

Single production window.

No going back and forth between windows and menus.

Direct access to all files in a folder in one single step, for preview and insertion into a playlist.

For example, it will not take you more than a minute to create a playlist containing:
- A couple of PowerPoint slideshows
- A few PDF documents
- A DVD menu with all options
- Any QuickTime-related content
- Some video clips from YouTube

- Some Flash animations
- All most popular audio and image formats
- Windows Media/QuickTime/mpg4/4K/Blu-Ray HD video
- Any external program (.exe)

To see how easy and fast it really is, watch a 5-minute video.



MediaGun's user interface was built with your efficiency, safety and performance as a constant concern. Its robust, foolproof programming ensures that you are never let down in the midst of your presentation.

In today’s jungle of formats, it’s quite easy to be caught by surprise. The message "Cannot play this file because  system resource so and so is missing" is nowtaken care of by MediaGun. Our company creed is “technology made friendly”. That’s why, when that frustrating situation occurs, MediaGun gives you the direct link to the missing resource download.


So much can go wrong in a presentation! Missing files, missing codecs, broken links...

We are totally aware of this, and so designed MediaGun from the start with the constant concern to reduce these risks to a minimum.

For example:

Orphaned shortcuts are detected and reported at the very beginning of each session, so you don’t discover that the actual file is missing at the same time as your audience!

Every time you load a previously saved playlist, MediaGun checks that all media files it contains are ACTUALLY THERE and warns you if anything is missing. It even prevents you from starting the presentation unless you fix or acknowledge the situation.

Third-party resources and audio-video codecs are part of the MediaGun installation. But in case one is missing or not properly installed, MediaGun connects you with the related publisher's web site, where that resource can be downloaded and installed.





Once created, your playlist can  be packaged with all its media files as a standalone object, ready for distribution. This is what we call a Portfolio. Generating a Portfolio by MediaGun is entirely automatic.


A Portfolio can be read WHETHER MEDIAGUN IS PRESENT OR NOT on any Windows-operated computer.

A Portfolio can be navigated manually by the user or can play automatically in solo mode. The latter is of course ideal in fairs, POS, museums, company lobbies, etc.



What is MediaGun used for?

Corporate Communication (internal & external)
Events and Exhibitions
Trainings, Seminars
Digital Press Portfolios, Taylor-Made Offers
Product & Service launches
Point of Sale, 
Point of Information


Not only does MediaGun save you the time and money usually needed to convert formats and include them into a coherent presentation: a single MediaGun license can generate an infinite amount of Portfolios, which can be distributed to an infinite amount of people at no extra cost.

Also, it offers the possibility to transfer a license from PC to PC, saving you the extra cost.