Click the TRY button to download a Free 15-day trial installer.
Fully functional, but with an annoying nag message.
The trial version can be transformed into a permanent license by purchasing a full license. This can be done at any time from the MediaGun opening window (the "splash screen") during the trial period. The nag message will then be removed.


IS SOLD in THREE distinct products:

MediaGun Export: £129.00 (Local taxes may apply)

Enables the creation of Portfolios. This is the right solution when a playlist must be played on computers other than the one where it was created, or made to run automatically in automatic mode. A Portfolio can be shared free of charge with an unlimited amount of users (only on Windows platforms for the time being).

A full license  can also be purchased by clicking any of the BUY buttons below.

MediaGun Resident: £69.00 (Local taxes may apply) 
Does everything except the creation of Portfolios. This is the right solution when every playlist is played on the computer where it was created.

MediaGun Upgrade: £69.00 (Local taxes may apply)

It is possible to upgrade from MediaGun Resident to MediaGun Export, however this will be slightly pricier than purchasing MediaGun Export in the first place. Upgrading is only possible with a Standalone** license.

** MediaGun is available in two distinct activation modes: Standalone (i.e. «single user») or Client-Server. 

Interested by a Client-Server license? Please enquire at sales@mediagun.com.

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