and downloadable sample files
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The MediaGrid: Click/Tap on an extension to download a reference file

In the unlikely event that one of your files can't be played by MediaGun, click or tap on a file extension above to download a corresponding sample file. This can be used as a reference: if you are unable to play one of your files with that same extension, it can be for three reasons:

1. That file’s extension is not correct, so MediaGun is taking the wrong route trying to play it.

2. The extension is correct, but the file is corrupted.

3. The extension is correct and the file is OK, but you do not have the required system supporting resource (for ex. QuickTime) to play it.

By downloading and successfully playing the MediaGrid sample file in MediaGun, you are certain your file was the problem.

If you still cannot play the reference sample file, you need to (re)install the supporting resource. (for ex. QuickTime)

Unless indicated by a blue number, all file formats are supported by the standard installation of MediaGun. Otherwise, please see below.

1. Supports playback directly via DVD player hardware or from DVD files extracted to a hard drive or attached media.

Click on a supporting resource below. That takes you to a web page where it can be downloaded and installed.

2. Requires the installation of Apple QuickTime.

3. No longer supported by Adobe. See Adobe's website.

4. Requires the installation of MSPowerPoint or the free PowerPoint Viewer 2010 or PowerPoint Viewer 97.