Introducing MediaGun 1.9 for Windows

The Flat Learning-Curve Presentation Software

Content creation and editing software is abundantly available on the market:

PowerPoint, Word, Acrobat, Photoshop, Premiere, After Effects etc. all produce amazing results in different formats.

MediaGun is the ideal solution to display those formats - and many more - into a seamless, shareable playlist.



As it's not a content creation program, you won’t have to learn yet another one!

This 1-minute video shows how the nightmare of format integration is a thing of the past.

No conversion needed. By using MediaGun, you can assemble up to 50 different file formats into a seamless playlist in a few seconds.

(List of supported formats.)

You then play your playlist in manual or automatic mode. In 3 clicks, you can share it with any Windows-based PC.

MediaGun is not required on the target machine!

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We'd like to show you a MediaGun session by operating the program and sharing our screen - and sound - with you, in real time. Just tell us when we can plan a Zoom meeting.  Please allow a few days notice and note that we are based in the UK. Thank You!

This 5-minute video shows how it works. This is a REAL TIME capture of an actual MediaGun session.